Baker Rehab Group was founded in 2001 by Dr. John Baker PT. With his extensive experience in home health physical therapy, John saw an opportunity to fulfill the needs of the home health community in Maryland that existing agencies were not able to provide. After discharge from home health services, many patients in the community were not able to continue physical therapy and occupational therapy in the outpatient setting. The inconvenience and effort was just too great. As such, Baker Rehab Group was built to provide outpatient therapy services in the home. Today,  Baker Rehab Group can assist with all of your therapy needs. We specialize in the treatment of a variety of diagnoses, including: Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, joint pain, Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, TBI, and Lymphedemia. Today, Baker Rehab Group one of the largest home therapy providers in Maryland!

Our Guiding Core Value

WE BELIEVE in honoring God and serving others in all aspects of our practice: patient care, human resources, business ethics, and corporate finances.

Core Values & the BRG Difference

WE BELIEVE our patient’s needs are our first priority. We believe patient care is best delivered in a relaxed and caring environment. This can either be in the comfort of your own home or the comfort of our quiet, personalized, out-patient clinics. You are our sole focus for your therapy session.

WE BELIEVE that creating and maintaining strong relationships with community members, providers, and agencies is the key to providing optimal healthcare and serving as a resource for patients.

WE BELIEVE communication and teamwork are the fundamental building blocks in excellent care. Together, our clinicians, patients and staff create a network of success.

WE BELIEVE in investing in our community by  staying active in local charity organizations to support the health and wellness of our neighbors.

WE BELIEVE in a culture of life-long learning. Our clinicians are committed to evidence-based practice to maintain their commitment to the profession and to their patients.