Knee Surgery

Joint Success Prehab Plus Program

The need for joint replacement surgery usually results from severe arthritis, fracture, or other condition. Research has shown that the vast majority of patients who participate in exercises prior to surgery experience excellent outcomes, with decreased pain and increased function leading to an improved quality of life. The Joint Success Prehab Plus Program is a comprehensive program designed to work through your entire rehabilitative process from the moment you and your surgeon decide that a joint replacement is in your future. The Joint Success Prehab Plus Program is tailored program designed to complement your surgeon’s unique protocols and to meet your unique needs and situation. For current patients, please click on the links below to learn more about the specific protocol for your upcoming surgery! Information includes: Surgery schedule and overview, chlorhexidine wash instructions, pre-operative preparation guide, home safety assessment and recommendations, nutrition protocols, post-operative instructions, home health care information, brace instructions and exercise program.