The NeuroCom Balance Master System by Natus.

NeuroCom | Balance Treatment Tool

The Balance Master system is ideal for both injury assessment and rehabilitation exercises.  It is also a great tool to use for balance training with the older adult population. It is ideal for concussion management, fall prevention, neurorehabilitation, and vestibular therapy. There are 15 standardized assessments that measure balance, gaze, weight bearing, and limits of stability.  The Long Force Plate (platform) provides additional functionality for rehabilitation exercises. Accurate Assessment and Effective Rehabilitation Neurocom’s advanced computerized assessment tools differentiate among the sensory and motor impairments that contribute to balance problems and limit patients’ daily activities, including:

  • Ineffective use of vestibular, somatosensory, and/or visual inputs to postural balance control
  • Ineffective use of vestibular and visual systems for gaze control
  • Delayed, weak, and/or asymmetric automatic motor responses
  • Impaired center of gravity alignment and control
  • Impaired planning and coordination of weight transfers

And don’t forget the games!  Finding your postural stability and balance limits, and improving them, is fun!