The ProPrio 500

PROPRIO-5000 | Occupational TherapySeveral months ago, Dr. John Baker and Sue Paul paid a visit to the Baltimore Ravens UnderArmour Training Center. That’s where they met, and fell in love with, the PROPRIO 5000.

We call it The Bull.

The Bull is compromised of a 36-inch diameter platform that can tilt as far as 25 degrees in any direction and at varying speeds. Dynamic Motion Analysis is used to measure the user’s center of mass movement and a computerized, programmable, multi-directional, multi-speed platform can be used for both reactive and anticipatory balance training.

Because the platforms are fully controlled by the clinician, weight-bearing, closed-chain rehabilitation can begin sooner because the fear of further injury caused by unwanted platform movement is removed. Users regularly report their rehabilitation is fun on the PROPRIO® machines and they look forward to their session.

Application Conditions include:
• Orthopedic Conditions – ACL, knee and ankle injuries, hip and knee replacements, shoulder and back injuries
• Neurological Conditions – Vestibular disease, stroke, diabetic neuropathy, Concussion, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson Disease, Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy
• Geriatric Conditions – Osteoarthritis, age related disease, and fall prevention

Applications include:
• Balance evaluation
• Balance training
• Proprioception training
• Body control and posture training
• Weight bearing range of motion exercises
• Core strengthening
• Stabilization muscles strengthening
• Functional / Activities of Daily Living training

The PROPRIO 5000 is a tool that is ideal for helping an older client maximize their postural stability and balance, and fatigue the most seasoned athlete who is looking to reach that last 10% of peak performance.