Treadmill in Outpatient Rehab Clinic | MarylandSpirit MT200

When you think about state of the art treadmills, think the Spirit MT200! This is no ordinary treadmill. The MT200 is the most versatile treadmill on the market, and we have it at the BRG Brain and Balance Center! The technology of the MT200 allows clinicians to accurately assess gait and provide feedback to improve gait step and cadence. As a result, this treadmill is ideal for pediatric exercises, neurologically impaired patients, and other populations.

Typical applications of the MT200:

• Simulate uphill and downhill walking to emphasize specific muscle groups or motions.
• Promoting dorsiflexion and reducing flexion contractors with total knee and total hip replacements.
• Use retro-walking to promote the use of reciprocal muscle groups not normally exercised during forward walking alone.

Unique uses for the Spirit MT200:

• Small and precise speed increments and adjustable handrails make this treadmill ideal for use with children too.
• Small speed increments, specially configured handrails, and gait monitoring permit the neurologically impaired patient population to safely benefit.
• Removable step-up for assistance.
• Belt speeds as low as 0.1 mph to accommodate even the most deconditioned patient.
Other features of the MT200:
• When the belt is not moving the motor is locked for patient safety.
• Forward and Reverse Belt Speed.

And because we believe that biofeedback is a valuable tool for patients, we have installed video cameras to provide multiple viewing angles of the body in motion. This will allow patients to make subtle adjustments in their posture or limb placement during gait. And add an overhead harness system to take fear of falling out of the equation and we’ve just profoundly improved our patients’ potential outcomes.