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Prehab Plus a Huge Success

125 patients deep into Baker Rehab Group’s revolutionary new program called “Prehab Plus”, we are seeing amazing result.

Prehab Plus was a program originally designed to strengthen patients prior to elective joint replacement or spinal surgery. The premise had already been proven in the research literature, and the delivery of physical therapy services in the home seemed the perfect model to prove Prehab’s benefits with our own clients.

Baker Rehab Group was fortunate to find an excellent partner in Mid-Maryland Musculoskeletal Institute, a large orthopedic surgical practice in Frederick, MD.

From the moment the patient and the surgeon agree that joint replacement surgery is needed, the Prehab Plus Program wheels are put into motion.

Patients are seen in their homes prior to surgery by physical therapists that are Prehab trained. The same therapist then sees the patient upon discharge from the hospital for home health rehab. The first 30 days at home following an inpatient admission to a hospital is usually the most vulnerable time for patients.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services have been focusing on reducing acute care readmissions within 30 days of discharge through its Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program. Prehab Plus was designed to partner with area hospitals in support of this mission. It is common to see re-hospitalization rates between 8 and 10 percent nationwide. Of Baker Rehab Group/MMI’s 100 Prehab Plus clients to have completed the program, exactly zero have been re-hospitalized.

“The success of this program is largely due to the one-on-one, in-home relationship of the therapist to the patient. We can see potential issues and correct them before there are problems,”  Dr. John Baker, PT says of Prehab Plus.

“And I have to admit, the holistic approach to evaluation and care management has had a huge impact on our success. We are addressing everything from medication management, to infection control, to anxiety and learning barriers, to caregiver support, to equipment and home modifications, safety, and exercise. We nail down their post hospital discharge plans so there is no confusion or surprises once they come home. We do it with a friendly “team player” approach and are able to do it all in a really streamlined fashion that makes sense in this healthcare environment.”

Each patient receives a comprehensive manual that outlines their journey from beginning to end. Katherine Rhoads, a Prehab Plus participant, says, “This book is my bible. It goes everywhere with me and has been a lifesaver.”

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