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Dementia/Cognitive Impairment Assessment

Maximizing cognitive and functional ability.

patient with dementia being treated

The Comprehensive Dementia Assessment and Intervention Program is a tool therapists’ use for assessing cognitive functions of people with progressive cognitive disorders, ranging from mild cognitive impairments to advanced dementia. The program begins with an in-depth assessment of the person’s cognitive and functional abilities. Based on the results of the assessment, the therapist will provide follow up treatment and recommendations to maximize the person’s cognitive and/or functional ability. Because of the clarity of the results, the Comprehensive Dementia Assessment and Intervention Program helps caregivers understand and manage the various levels of dementia.

Comprehensive Dementia Assessment and Intervention Program Plan

Each client with a known or suspected diagnosis of dementia can be assessed by the CDAI program and treated by a certified OT according to an individualized treatment plan. Each client is assessed using a combination of appropriate tools specific to the client’s needs. The full CDAI evaluation includes a comprehensive cognitive and functional assessments including:

  • Allen Cognitive Scale
  • Global Deterioration Scale
  • Brief Cognitive Rating Scale
  • Routine Task Inventory
  • Clock Drawing Test
  • Confusion Assessment Method
  • Digit Repetition Test
  • Mini Mental Exam
  • Short Portable Mental Status Questionnaire
  • Time and Change Test
  • Trail Making Test
  • Functional Visual Assessment

At the completion of the program, a full written report is provided to the physician, family, and other caregivers describing all assessment findings, strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations. These findings are broken down into a simplified context— the three general stages of dementia:

  • Early stage dementia
  • Middle stage dementia
  • Late/end stage dementia
nurse helping man with dementia

The Impact of the Comprehensive Dementia Assessment and Intervention Program on Patients and Caregivers

The CDAI assessment gives caregivers a better understanding of how the results translate into function. Follow up screenings are recommended at 3, 6, or 12 months to determine if there is a need for reassessment and changes in interventions. The CDAI is a highly effective program as the home is the ideal environment for optimal dementia & Alzheimer’s care. The goal of dementia and Alzheimer’s care is to keep things familiar and predictable. For example, the client’s daily routines, such as meal time, exercise, and self-care, are all key factors in helping the client dealing with their illness and allowing them to live their lives comfortably. The home environment will help keep the client comfortable and allow them to get through their day with ease. Our therapists specialize in Dementia and Alzheimer’s care and can recommend tools and offer suggestions for new approaches to enable safe completion of a task at home.


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