Dementia & Occupational Therapy in Frederick Maryland

Occupational Therapy

In-Home and Outpatient Therapy Services in Maryland

Occupational Therapists at Baker Rehab Group are a highly skilled group of professional who are uniquely qualified to address physical and cognitive issues that diminish function. Our occupational therapists are dedicated to restoring function and/or compensating for chronic conditions. Your independence is our primary goal. BRG occupational therapists treat the unique challenges of each client in the context where they need to be preformed, which is frequently the home. BRG occupational therapists offer:

  • Self care management training
  • Neuro rehabilitation
  • Home safety evaluations
  • Cognitive assessments
  • Dementia assessments
  • Low vision evaluation and training
  • Wheelchair evaluations
  • …and so much more!


Home or outpatient clinic. Which is right for you?

Occupational Therapy in the Home. Baker Rehab Group’s licensed, experienced, and caring occupational therapists provide occupational therapy to their patients as well as simultaneously educating families and caregivers, all in the home. Occupational therapy in the home setting provides patients with a tailored care for speedy recovery in the setting we need it most. Whether you are trying to restore function, gain independence and/or learning ways to compensate for chronic conditions, we want to help you function in the setting you need it the most. There are nuances to each setting, and the best place to regain movement and independence with your daily tasks, is the home.

Occupational Therapy at a BRG Outpatient Clinic. Receiving therapy at one of Baker Rehab Group’s outpatient clinics is another setting we have available to our patients. At our outpatient clinics, patients have access to state of the art equipment that can be used for general well-being, re-training, and elite sports conditioning. Our outpatient clinics are staffed with the BRG standard of highly trained staff that can accommodate more complex schedules with early morning and evening appointments. Our patients can use the exercises learned at an outpatient therapy session at home for quicker progress.

Service Locations

Baker Rehab Group provides occupational therapy in Maryland and West Virginia. For detailed information regarding our coverage area:


Occupational therapy visits in the home