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Celebrating an Embarrassment of Riches

By Sue Paul, OTR, COO

Yesterday, John and I hosted a luncheon honoring 12 employees and contractors who have been working at BRG for more than five years. The purpose was simple and heartfelt; let us break bread with those who have shown commitment to this journey.

Our intention, though sincere, was about as utilitarian as an empty wooden bowl. It was the warm, fuzzy ingredients that flung across the table – the tender words, the thoughtful nods, the face-splitting smiles, and the knowing winks – that filled the bowl with meaning. What a deeply satisfying meal.

Reflecting on each person – their gifts and their talents, their families and their passions – I can’t believe they chose us. I can’t believe how lucky I am to know them and to be part of their lives. I am smarter because of them. I work harder because of them. I have more laughs than cries because of them. I feel safer knowing that if my world blew up tomorrow, every single one of them would help me glue it back together.

These 12 people have endured the organic growing pains of an adolescent company. They have weathered the impetuous whims of an unstable market. They have consistently responded with optimism instead of thinly veiled disappointment. They have adapted to poorly executed brilliance and leaned into the learning curves. With nuances that only enhance our collective vision, they believe in the same things I believe. “Amazed” is not strong enough a word.

And whether or not you believe that leaders are born or leaders are made, I know now that leadership comes easy when personal truths align. Being a successful leader is a matter of trust and authenticity. If you say to someone, “Take my hand and follow me”, you are taking his and hers as well. What starts as leadership softens into partnership, and before you know it, you are a tight-knit family holding hands through high water. Thank you, Terrific Twelve, for teaching me that.

To all the fine people at Baker Rehab Group, you are an embarrassment of riches. You are the finest cache of diamonds in this profession. You are strength and intelligence and skill and compassion and curiosity and capability and gumption. John and I are so thankful that you chose to bless our little company with your talents.

The Baker Rehab Group Team
Bottom (left to right): Traci Levine, Danielle Kinnamont, Tina Snyder, Tracey Cannon, Mary Schwartz, Barb Wilson, John Baker
Top (left to right): Sue Paul, Tom Westwood, Lisa Eyler, Greg Adams, Kristy Cleaver, Pat Dahlen

The Terrific Twelve

  • Tracey Cannon
  • Tom Westwood
  • Traci Levine
  • Danielle Kinnamont
  • Lisa Eyler
  • Kristy Cleaver
  • Tina Snyder
  • Mary Schwartz
  • Pat Dahlen
  • Theresa Davis
  • Greg Adams
  • Barb Wilson
  • In Memoriam: Lisa Baker

See you all (and others!) next year!

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