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BRG Proposes Park for Senior Health for City of Frederick

The benefits of a park in therapeutic setting for seniors are tremendous, but Frederick offers nothing like this…YET. We are partnering with the City of Frederick to try to bring a Senior park to Frederick! We will be chronicling the project here on the Baker Beacon.

What Can You do?

Flood Roelkey Myers inbox with supportive emails – Click here to email him.  Let’s do this!

Also check back here for updates on progress. The first commission meeting is Dec 9th! Also, in case you missed it, the project was featured in the Frederick News Post this week:

Park for senior health proposed for city of Frederick

By Jen Fifield

Sue Paul wants to show that playgrounds and parks aren’t just for children.

Paul, an occupational therapist and chief operating officer of Baker Rehab Group, hopes to partner with the city of Frederick to turn one of the city’s underutilized parks into a space especially for seniors.

It would have amenities for both older adults who want to keep their brains and bodies healthy, as well as caretakers or therapists looking for somewhere to take seniors with dementia.

Paul calls it the SIMPLE Park, as it will include features for Sensory Integration, Movement, Proprioception, Learning and Exercise.

For years, Paul said, she tried to think of how to provide this type of space on her own. Last spring, she turned to the city for help.

“(Seniors) have been paying into the park system for years, and there is nothing for them,” she said.

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