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Dr. Idema on the Joint Success Prehab Plus Program Becker’s Spine Review | May 2016


Dr. Idema and her team established a program to enhance the spine outpatient process for patients. The “PreHab” program connects spine surgical candidates with their healthcare team weeks before the scheduled surgery. ” Essentially, our healthcare teams go out to the patients’ houses well in advance to work on proper techniques that will be used immediately following surgery,” explains Dr. Idema. Therapists perform full-home assessments, identifying medical equipment needs. They also collaborate with patients and their families to address discharge needs and potential sub-acute rehabilitation facility placements.”By addressing these often overlooked areas for continuity of care, we are able to deliver a more comprehensive patient experience,” says Dr. Idema. “Patients are getting more involved in their patient care experience and are better informed on what they want from providers.”

–Dr. Idema discussing the Joint Success Prehab Plus program in Becker’s Spine Review. Check out the full article here.

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