Specialty Programs

Baker Rehab Group’s therapists are uniquely qualified to provide skilled speech therapy, physical therapy, and  occupational therapy for pediatric, adult, and geriatric patients with a variety of conditions. Baker Rehab Group is proud to offer a range of specialty programs with specialized therapy techniques and assessments to address the specific needs of the patients with certain diagnoses.  Learn more about our specialty programs below!

Head, Hands, Heart

The program identifies a patient’s functional abilities and accesses how best to engage a person with dementia in functional activities. Learn More

Baker Driving Rehab

Baker Driving Rehabilitation is a partnership between Baker Rehab Group and driving rehabilitation therapist, Meredith Lyons. Learn More

Joint Success Prehab Program

The therapists at Baker Rehab Group are experts in the rehabilitation process before and after joint replacement. Learn More

Eyesee Low Vision Program

Each client with a known or suspected low vision will be assessed and treated according to an individualized treatment plan. Learn More