The Dementia Queen Has Been a Very Busy Bee

Sue Paul, aka The Dementia Queen, had a highly productive and rewarding 2013. Here are some highlights:

  • In February, Sue was a guest on the television show Go Healthy For Good on the Hope Channel where she discussed occupational therapy and dementia.
  • In April, Sue was invited to participate in the Alzheimer’s Association Advocacy Forum on Capital Hill as part of their Ambassador program. She met with Congressman John Delaney’s office both at his Hagerstown office and in Washington DC.
  • In May, Sue was a speaker at the Alzheimer’s Association Western Maryland Dementia Care Consortium.
  • In June, Sue was invited to participate in a three part series sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association of Maryland and Eli Lilly called Community Conversations. The goal of these meetings was to strategize with diverse stakeholders in the community about improving outcomes for people with Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • In June, Sue was a guest on the radio program Alzheimer’s Speaks.
  • In November, Sue was a guest speaker at the Alzheimer’s Association 2013 Western Maryland Dementia Conference.

In addition to these exciting opportunities and experiences, Sue’s passion for writing grew in intensity and recognition throughout 2013. Her blog, “The Dementia Queen” won an award from Senior Living Homes and she was published on Maria and on the Huffington Post online.

3 months into 2014 and she is still going strong – writing, speaking, advocating, helping, and hugging people with dementia and their families.

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