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New Clinical Director of Operations

Perhaps you’ve noticed that Baker Rehab is growing by leaps and bounds. In spite of a few farewells in 2013, we have continued to expand our staff and our geographic footprint in three states.

Because we are a small company, we depend on everybody pitching in to make it all work. We are especially grateful to Lisa, Pat, and Jess for continuously adjusting to the changes in our organization and holding down the fort at times when it seems like it might just blow away.

In 2013, we reached a milestone, a crucial crossroads, where it became necessary to have someone help us in the proper care and feeding of our most important assets, our therapists.

We are pleased to announce that Tracey Cannon, PT is our new Clinical Director of Operations.

Tracey has been with us for over ten years, nearly since the inception of our company. She has become fluent in five home health agency software languages, a master of OASIS documentation, and the steady hand who keeps our internal processes running smoothly and efficiently. She is someone we find ourselves turning to for organizational help with systems and projects. Without any conscious effort, Tracey has become someone we lean on when there is a job to get done. It’s time we recognize her for that.

Tracey’s new role provides our staff with someone who knows the answers tough questions, or at least knows who to ask. Tracey is responsible for training our new hires, keeping up with competencies on an annual basis, and maintaining our relationships with the various agencies and assisted living communities we partner with. Tracey’s passion is organization, her gift is time management and system processes. She’s never met a form she didn’t love. She will streamline, standardize, and simplify the organizational challenges that have historically slowed us down.

We are excited to have Tracey in this new role and are confident she will have a positive impact on our mission to provide excellent care to our clients in 2014 and beyond.

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