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The Lisa Baker Memorial Sunshine Award

For many years, the Baker Rehab Group (aka HomeCare Rehab and Nursing) machine was meticulously maintained by our office manager Lisa Baker (no relation to Dr. John Baker).  It was in the spring of 2009 that we lost Lisa, one of the world’s most caring, genuine, and loving individuals, to cancer.

With bittersweet irony, Lisa’s daughter Brittany started working with BRG during her high school years and continued through her four years at the University of MD as her schedule would allow.  She acquired enough knowledge of the various administrative duties that are required to keep Baker Rehab Group running that she became a valuable resource for us.  Brittany will be graduating this month from Hagerstown’s Community College with a degree in nursing.  Brittany has literally grown up in our company, and we are so proud of her.

In addition to Brittany’s hard earned success, the Lisa Baker legacy also lives on at Baker Rehab Group.  A few years ago, we decided to both honor Lisa’s memory and give it a name- defining the qualities with which she set the bar as an exemplary employee and overall wonderful person.

We present this award each year at our holiday party to the employee who demonstrates Lisa’s “just get it done” work ethic.  It recognizes those who rise above the status quo, who possess the insight to always see the bigger picture, and fulfill their prospective roles with integrity and honesty.  And in true Lisa Baker fashion, they do all this with a smile on their face.  It boils down to three words:


Previous winners of The Sunshine Award include our current office manager, Lisa Eyler, who stepped into Lisa Baker’s shoes once she could no longer work, and has operated as the wizard behind the curtain ever since.  A year later, Jin Park PT won the award in recognition of his dedication and easy-going attitude.  Tracey Cannon, also a physical therapist, won the honor last year as someone who is 100% dependable, competent, and professional.  Each of our previous winners continues to demonstrate the same outstanding qualities for which they were acknowledged.

This year, we had a much harder time selecting a winner because there are so many outstanding team members at Baker Rehab Group.  It was hard to pick just one… so we didn’t.  Although there was no shortage of potential winners, two candidates stood out and were both equally deserving of recognition… so we awarded it to both of them.

Introducing The Lisa Baker Memorial Sunshine Award Winners 2012….

Sunshine Award 2012 Winners: Theresa Davis and Patricia Dahlen with John Baker and Sue Paul
Sunshine Award 2012 Winners: Theresa Davis and Patricia Dahlen with John Baker and Sue Paul

Theresa Davis (Spotlight on Excellence, November) is an occupational therapist who has really stepped up in the company as someone you can count on to help others.  She has emerged as a trainer and mentor for new hires and plays an integral role in developing and maintaining professional relationships in the community.  She is someone who requires little to no direction or oversight- just give her a project and let her go.  Rest assured it will be done efficiently and correctly…. and with a smile on her face.  Congratulations Theresa!  And thank you for all of your hard work.

Patricia Dahlen (Spotlight on Excellence, September) runs the back office of Baker Rehab Group as a master of many skills.  She is a multitasker extraordinaire!  This past year, we have relied on Pat to deliver on several creative projects, to “drop everything“ and respond to urgent matters, and to juggle the continuously added responsibilities of a growing business.  Because she can do these things with a smile on her face and song in her voice, she is clearly Sunshine-worthy.  Pat, we are so lucky to have you!

Thank you to all our wonderful therapists and office staff for your tireless energy and generous hearts.  You are like family to us.


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