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Staying Active: Home Exercises for the Winter

Workout routines don’t often survive the winter. With cold weather, snow, and short days, it’s not really a surprise. It’s hard to get to the gym when you’d much rather be at home with hot cocoa, warm blankets, and maybe even a fire in the fireplace.

This year, don’t let winter ruin your plans! We’ve put together 5 exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home.

  1. Jump Rope. Find an old jump rope or buy a cheap one. Jump roping is a great way to get moving! Plus, you don’t need a big space to do it in.
  2. Stairs. Walk up and down them during commercial breaks of your favorite shows. If you don’t have access to stairs, grab you biggest book or a steady chair and start stepping up and down. Put on your favorite radio station to give more inspiration.
  3. The Plank. Looking to strengthen your core? Then this is the exercise for you! Get in pushup position and hold it for 30 seconds each day (or as long as you can). If you’re feeling good, try holding it for an additional 10 seconds.
  4. Jumping Jacks. This one might remind you a little of elementary school but is a great cardio workout. Do a round of jumping jacks during those commercial breaks, too.
  5. DANCE! Get your favorite upbeat music on your radio, computer, phone, etc. and start dancing. Get your heart rate going as you waltz, salsa, or spin around your house. The best part? You can pull out all of your crazy dance moves because no one but your family is watching.

Not a big fan of these workouts? Check out! You can access many home workouts and find the one that fits you and your schedule best. Most importantly, just get moving!

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