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Equipment Spotlight: ProPrio 5000

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At both The Center for Integrative Rehabilitation in Germantown, Maryland and the Brain and Balance Center in Frederick, Maryland, we have some incredible equipment that we’d like to introduce to you.  Over next few months, you’ll see them highlighted in our “Equipment Spotlight” as we share just what makes each piece so special.

Today, we’d like you to meet the ProPrio 5000

Dr. John Baker and Sue Paul recently had the opportunity to visit the Baltimore Ravens UnderArmour Training Center, and that’s where they met the PROPRIO 5000. It was love at first sight.

Here at the Brain and Balance Center, we like to call it “The Bull”.

This bellowing bull is comprised of a 36-inch diameter platform that can tilt as far as 25 degrees in any direction and at varying speeds. At the same time, a Dynamic Motion Analysis is used to measure the user’s center of mass movement. This computerized, programmable, multi-directional, multi-speed platform can be used for both reactive and anticipatory balance training.

In other words, this machine helps your balance during everyday tasks like walking or climbing stairs and in unexpected events like slipping or losing your balance. With the help of the ProPrio 5000, your balance, posture, strength and mobility can improve following an orthopedic or neurological injury.

For more information on the ProPrio 5000 and all of its applications visit us at

Equipment Spotlight: The NeuroCom Balance System

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This spiffy piece of equipment works primarily on balance and mobility training. Assisting with both injury assessment and rehabilitation exercises, the NeuroCom is ideal for concussion management, fall prevention, neurorehabilitation, and vestibular training.

The NeuroCom Balance System is comprised of a fixed 18″x 60″ force plate that measures the force exerted by the patients’ feet as they sift their weight. There are 15 standardized assessments that measure balance, gaze stability, weight bearing, and limits of stability. The force plate and the assessments work together to evaluate and strengthen each individual’s stability and balance limits.

NeuroCom’s advanced computerized assessment tools differentiate among the sensor and motor impairments that contribute to balance problems and limit patients’ daily activities, including:

  • Ineffective use of vestibular, somatosensory, and/or visual inputs to postural balance control.
  • Ineffective use of vestibular and visual systems for gaze control.
  • Delayed, weak, and/or asymmetric automatic motor responses.
  • Impaired center of gravity alignment and control.
  • Impaired planning and coordination of weight transfers.

And, don’t forget the games! Individuals are able to improve balance through various games and challenges. Finding your stability and balance limits, and improving them, is fun!

For further details on the NeuroCom Balance System, visit us at