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The Story of Lisa

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In January of 2005, Lisa Eyler accepted a temporary, part time position as a helper in our office.  She accepted the offer after being badgered, hunted, and dragged by her hair into the job by John Baker. Legend has it, John met Lisa when she was barking orders, wearing coveralls, and carrying a power tool when John said to himself, “This girl knows how to get a job done!”

So Lisa went to work at BRG World Headquarters as a little part time gig she thought she’d fit in between raising her three small children.  She quickly rounded out her job description from just filing and phoning to billing and collections.  Then she somehow learned all about information technology, accounting, employment law, Medicare reimbursement, HIPAA, OSHA, legal contracting… and still managed to dance on the rooftop as her personal way of greeting visitors as they parked their cars.

Laughs, laughs, laughs.  She has always been good for those.  But we’ve had our sprinkles of sadness too.  Lisa’s mother passed away, as did our office manager Lisa Baker (no relation to John Baker, although she was like family), and we all somehow bonded together the way folks do when they share the visceral extremes of joy and sorrow.  We are the definition of family.

Through the years Lisa Eyler has become the constant in everyone’s life.  She became the one you need, the one you depend on, the one who makes everything alright.  And she’s like a living contradiction to a preconceived notion or a realistic expectation.  She’s the grumbling grouch with the constant smile.  And the stoic tough guy with copious tears.  She cares more deeply and feels more acutely than anyone I have ever known.  She’s small and scrappy and sweet and humble.  And she runs one hell of a company.

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since Lisa came to work at BRG.  She is a leader, a team player, an advocate, and a friend.  The success of BRG has everything to do with Lisa knowing her way around a profit and loss statement and a compound mitre saw.  This girl knows how to get a job done.

Happy 70th Dog Years Anniversary Lisa Eyler!

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  1. Erin says:

    Lisa, you rock!
    I haven’t known you and been with the company long, but I am grateful for the patience and kindness that you always show toward me.
    And you are DEFINITELY good for a laugh, every time I stop in.
    I look forward to working alongside you for a long time, and Happy 10 Years!

  2. Tom Stief says:

    Thanks for the great sense of humor – helps keep things from getting too heavy. And we really do appreciate the weekend / late hours you put in so we can get paid!!!

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