The Home Approach

We believe that many of our clients want to stay in their homes to receive health services. We embrace the “aging in place” philosophy shared by a growing number of seniors in our community. Our goal is to facilitate that process by strategically partnering with clients, caregivers, and family members to see these plans realized. Home health therapy—whether for physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy— generally targets specific tasks that are relevant to the environment where a person is required to function. This is a very different approach than is usually seen in an outpatient or skilled nursing setting. The therapist can focus on the unique challenges each person faces in their home, like walking up their own stairs or transferring in and out of their own shower. Home health therapy offers a more tailored treatment plan designed to meet the needs of each individual. The beauty of the home health therapy model is that therapists are able to collaborate with the client and determine the ideal long term plan given the client’s resources and goals.

Home Health Service Area

One of Baker Rehab Group’s core values is that many of our clients want to stay in their homes to receive health services. We embrace the “aging in place” philosophy shared by a growing number of seniors in our community. Our home health service areas in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia include, but are not limited to:


Anne Arundel County, Maryland Howard County, Maryland
Baltimore County, Maryland Montgomery County, Maryland
Carroll County, Maryland Prince George’s County, Maryland
Frederick County, Maryland Washington County, Maryland


Loudoun County, Virginia
Fairfax County, Virginia
Arlington County, Virginia

West Virginia

Berkeley County, West Virginia
Jefferson County, West Virginia


Washington County, Pennsylvania


What is Senior Care in the Home?

Baker Rehab Group provides senior care, elder care, and respite care to help the elderly and adults continue to live in their home. Modern technology makes it possible to provide services at home that have traditionally only been available in a hospital. This makes senior care less costly, as well as much more comfortable and satisfying for many reasons:

  • Whether sick or well, we want to be in the environment we love best with the people we love most: HOME. Home care allows our clients to have the freedoms they are used to, coupled with the care they need.
  • Home care is highly effective, because it is tailored to the needs of each individual. It is delivered on a one-to-one basis. Research shows that patients heal more quickly and comfortably at home. Our BRG home care specialists are also able to properly train family to participate in their health care for more consistent treatment and healing.
  • Senior care in the home is often less expensive than tradition senior care. By bringing health services home, the patient does not generate board and room expenses. In general, home care costs only one-tenth as much as hospitalization and only one-fourth as much as nursing home placement to deal with comparable health problems.
  • Home senior care can prevent or delay institutionalization. Traditionally, approximately 20% to 30% of seniors spend some time in a nursing home setting. With the new development of senior care in the home patients can obtain the care that they need without moving to a new environment.