The Dementia Queen is in the House!

Let me take a moment to introduce you to the Dementia Queen!

The “Queen of Dementia” a.k.a.  Sue Paul has been the Chief Operating Officer of Baker Rehab Group since 2002.She has held certifications in geriatrics through the American Occupational Therapy Association and served as AOTA representative for the End of Life Practice Recommendations for the National Alzheimer’s Association in Washington D.C.  She is the author of the Head, Hands, Heart Dementia Assessment System, which is a healthcare provider tool for assessing and treating persons with dementia.

Check out her blog The Dementia Queen for insight into a segment of the population that is largely neglected by our healthcare system. As the body of knowledge pertaining to the causes, symptoms, and treatments of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias evolve, Sue shares her findings in hopes that it helps someone, somewhere, who struggles with the challenges of Alzheimer’s.

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