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Happy OT Month

Some of our occupational therapists are BRG employees.  Some are independent contractors who run their own businesses.  Regardless of their relationship to BRG, we need to celebrate their amazing contributions to the Occupational Therapy profession.

In years past, we’ve celebrated OT month with cupcakes or pins, but giving the therapists a little appreciation isn’t quite the same as giving them recognition.  And what better way is there to recognize their skills, talents, and passions than giving them a platform on which to share them?

All through the month of April, we will be recognizing the occupational therapists affiliated with BRG by letting them tell you their views, opinions, strategies, and tips through our blog, The Baker Beacon.  They will be the authors of topics from home modifications to dementia to stroke to driving.  Tune into The Baker Beacon throughout the month of April for the latest installments, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for up to date postings.

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