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Healthy Habits for the Holidays

Staying healthy during the holidays is tough! There are so many holiday parties with friends, family, and coworkers that often involve late nights and lots of good food. While the parties can be full of fun, they usually leave us a little sleep-deprived and carrying a few extra pound by the time it’s all said and done. We want to see you stay fit and feeling well, so we’ve put together three healthy habits to keep in mind this holiday season.

  1. Plan Ahead: When headed to an event or party, eat something high in protein before you go. You’ll feel fuller longer, helping you make wiser eating decisions. Decide how much food you want to eat before you pile it on to your plate, and if you feel full, stop eating. When you’re not at parties, make an extra effort to eat healthier. Eating fruit in the morning and a salad for lunch will give you room to indulge a little at dinner.
  2. Get Enough Sleep: Sleep is an important necessity and too little of it can be dangerous. Sleep deprivation can cause accidents, injuries, contribute to weight gain, and lower immunity. If you have an early morning or late night coming up, consider going to bed early the night before. Winter cat naps are also a great way to catch up on sleep. Drink a cup of hot coffee or tea right before your nap, and you’ll wake up 20 minutes later rather than 2-3 hours later.
  3. Stay Active: Stay committed to your exercise routine. Don’t let late nights keep you from your morning workout. You can also sneak in exercise by using the stairs, walking a few blocks instead of getting a cab, or parking further away from store entrances. Find ways to work out as a family with a game of touch football, soccer, or an evening stroll around the neighborhood. Getting your heart rate up more often means you’ll feel less bad about a missed workout.

Stay committed to staying fit this holiday season and you might come out of it feeling and looking better than you did going in!


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